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Death is a devastating yet inevitable part of human life’s narrative. Sad but factual, everyone will encounter sickness, mortality and grief at some point. Losing a loved one is a premise all modern humans must learn to embrace, and this is exactly the process designer Tobias Birk Nielsen was undergoing while developing the AW22 collection, due to losing the person closest to him; His wife.

AW22 is therefore intended as a tribute to the circle of life and all the vast beautiful aspects within – entitled “The echoes which we remain”. The purpose of the collection is modesty, to remind each other to give and grab the best of every relation while these are still possible to define, and more importantly; to be each others echoes when one is leaving another behind in the living life.

Being an “echo” means to keep passing on the values of the departed one, and to keep practising what the relationship was built upon, in order to keep the relation relevant, to honour it – and to grow richer out of the loss.

The echoes which we remain - AW22 by Tobias Birk Nielsen

Technical Vest with Multiple Pockets


Long Sleeve T Shirt


Wallet with Adjustable Strap


Wallet with Adjustable Strap


Cap with Elasticated Drawstring Closure


Mixed Woven and Jersey T Shirt


Sherpa and Woven Pants


Sweater with Front Print


Zip Off Pants


Long Sleeve T Shirt


Hooded Top with Front and Back Print